Titan Pioneer DJ Integration

Over the past few months, I have been working on integrating PioneerDJ into the Avolites Titan software. The new features give busking operators a direct link to the DJ, increasing collaboration and reducing guesswork.

I lead the design, development, and testing of the Pioneer DJ feature. Since the software release, I have installed the feature in some of the capital’s biggest nightclubs including Ministry of Sound, Heaven, Electric Ballroom and Toy Room.

The feature is split into two main parts, the BPM sync and waveform view.

The waveform view lets the lighting operator see exactly what the DJ is doing, so they can anticipate changes in the music ahead of time.

The BPM sync functionality sets the BPM from the CDJs directly into the Titan software. This means the operator no longer has to tap the BPM manually, freeing them to focus on creating great lighting effects.

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