Dimension at Printworks

Dimension’s latest live show designed by Liam Mace from Dark Matter had two Avolites Diamond 9 consoles for control. The show was heavily timecoded using the new Timeline feature, with over 5000 triggers for the 90 minute performance. That’s about a trigger per second.

I provided programming assistance for the show, ensuring that the show could be be transfered from the pre-vis envrionment to the venue in the short turnaround time we had on site.

Crucial to the success of this show was the new Timeline feature in Titan which I was responsible for the design and development of over the past 18 months in my role at Avolites. It was extremely rewarding to see the feature used on a show of this scale, with effects that would have previously taken hours to program being possible in seconds with the help of live record in Timeline.

The team on this event were an absolute pleasure to work with:

  • Show Design & Creative – Liam Mace // Dark Matter
  • Desk Assist – Otis Fidel Benjamin
  • PM – Mattie Evans
  • VJ – More Eyes
  • Lighting, Automation and Screen Vendor – Colour Sound Experiment
  • Custom Mesh Stage – All Access
  • SFX – ER Productions